Invest in Bioenergy


Generating Profit For At Least 15 Years

We have developed an opportunity for you to make an investment in bioenergy project that would pay off in 7 years and would continue generating profit for at least 15 years more. Purpose of bioenergy projects is to make energy in sustainable way and use land resources in a way which do not compete with food and agriculture crop sector and gives a return profit in a long term.

Investments in bioenergy sector and land are low-risk investments and concept of SRC willow plantations is performed with optimum combination of risk and return.

The most topical issues of nowadays – the increasing crisis of energy resources –can be solved by growing this short rotation coppice energy wood at least partially. Globally the renewable energy resources are promised to have successful future and expansion of bioenergy provides environmental benefits, as well as energy security.

There are rational alternative as regards the use of land by establishing a plantation of fast-growing (selected) tree plants – willow and poplar – to obtain woodchip.

Willow is known as an alternative raw material, for example, wickers of different sizes can be used in crafts, as well as in producing charcoal, fences and even green hedges, therefore the demand for the fast-growing wood is continuously growing.
The following ecological, environmental and economic factors are important to make a decision to establish fast- growing tree plantations:
guaranteed payment for woodchip that we undertake to sell ensuring you income of 10€/m3
investments would pay off in 7 years and would continue generating profit for at least 15 years more
the establishment period and intervals between harvests and the yield are 3-5 years and reaches 8-10 tones dry matter annually per hectare
willow has almost the same net heating value as the wood fuels (~18.6 MJ/kg dm) and willow chips for direct combustion are the most
commonly used products of the market.
less than 5% of cropland in Europe is used for energy production.
more CO2 is used than released- there is no net contribution of CO2
less pesticides are used compared with conventional agriculture crops
long annual growing cycle with no periods of bare soil, which reduces the risks of nutrient leakage
growth of SRC normally improves soil quality and structure, and willow is suitable as a vegetation filter
SRC involves a higher biodiversity compared with conventional agricultural crops.
Ecomark offers cost-efficient full service package- investment in bioenergy projects and you are welcome to contact us to obtain more detailed information about sustainable, low risk investments.